Silvano Lattanzi

The Italian shoe brand was founded in the 1971, when Silvano Lattanzi, just 21 years old, decides to turn his innate passion for leather and male elegance into the dream of making the most beautiful and unique shoes in the world.

1971-1974 The young Silvano perfects his manual talent in the in the craftsman’s shops of the last Master Shoemakers of London, Paris and Milan. The precious technical and stylistic baggage achieved will allow him to continue the European tradition of the Handmade and of the Made-to- Measure that was going lost in the industrial boom.

1975 The first collections brings on a shock reaction: in those years men shoes were conceived only as black or brown, Silvano interprets with elegance provocative colors such as red, blue, yellow and green mixed and antiqued as in an impressionist painting.

1980-1995 This is the fifteen year period that gets Silvano Lattanzi well known. It is amongst the jet-set that Silvano finds his first followers: champions of sport, men and women of the film and theatre world, writers and artists, whose Guest he is at the French Riviera or in Sardinia so they may choose or to let him advise them on a lace-up or a moccasin.
They all wish to personalize their own shoes so as to be able to wear a unique object and it is in fact from these home visits that the Silvano Lattanzi “Alto su misura” `{“ High made-to-measure”`}` is born.

Paolo and Roberta Lattanzi

2002 Paolo and Roberta Lattanzi, the second generation, enter officially to become part of the company, supporting the international development through the opening of Ateliers in the most prestigious cities and to the choice of selected retailers that from China to United States are spokesmen for true quality and authentic Made in Italy.