The High custom made

Right from the beginning Silvano Lattanzi has always manufactured handmade “footwear.”

“Custom made” though does not just mean that the Client chooses the leather, shapes and details. More than anything else, it means that the shoes will be created around his feet, bearing in mind the height of the person, their weight, their life-style and, obviously, the conformation of the foot itself. It is a lengthy and meticulous task, which must take into account the foot’s proportions and also any eventual sensitive area. But even more importantly: it must adapt those same proportions to the shape chosen by the Client.

The Making of the wooden last

In the “Custom made” creation there is one further and fundamental phase of workmanship: the making of the wooden last, which has to perfectly reproduce the Client’s foot. Here with us, this process is still done manually, by sculpturing and filing the tender wood, with the same skill of a carpenter, until we obtain the features of the customer’s foot. The wooden last of each Client is preserved forever within the immense archive at our head-office, so that even after years, each of our Clients can give themselves a precious handmade present even from far away..

The Fitting and the Delivery

Onto the shoe set up on the form, a temporary sole is applied before it is sent to the Client for the first shoe fitting, wherever they might be in the world. Together with the semi-finished footwear, we also send a special form to be filled in according to some very simple instructions. If the fitting has a negative outcome, we proceed to modify the shape again according to the imprints that the Client has indicated to us and then it is sent out to them for a second fitting. Or even a third one, should it be necessary. The whole procedure takes place within a very short time of about 6-8 weeks. This is because every time a “handmade” order comes into the laboratory, it gets everybody’s attention, in order to avoid that the pleasure of having a handmade object, turns into the impatience of having to wait months for it.