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(Articles 13 and 122 of the Data Protection Code – Legislative decree 196/2003 as amended)
Under Articles 13 and 122 of the Data Protection Code (Legislative Decree 196/2003 as amended), Zintala srl, Contrada Mostrapiedi 167, Casette d’Ete (Fm), VAT number 01453320440, email, as the Data Controller has provided this information for the benefit of Buyers (the Buyers) concerning the use of cookies on this website in accordance with the Data Protection Authority’s provision of 8 May 2014 identifying simplified procedures for providing information and obtaining consent to the use of cookies.

Cookies are text files that are sent by a website such as this Website to the Buyers’ terminals, in order to store various browser data used by the Buyer while browsing.
Cookies are used for login, session monitoring, and for the storing of specific information about the Buyers using the server. They are usually stored in high numbers on the browser of each Buyer.
By using cookies, the Website can also analyse the habits of a certain Buyer in order to adapt the services offered on the website to his or her requirements, or to facilitate browsing (for example by storing the username and password so that they do not need to be re-entered on each visit).

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Browsing cookies are technical cookies, necessary for the proper functioning of the website. They may be used even without the prior consent of the Buyer. Analytical cookies are not required for the functioning of the Website. As they only pursue statistical purposes and collect information in aggregate form and are dealt with anonymously, they can be used even without the prior consent of the Buyer. Functional cookies are not necessary for the functioning of the Website but they allow the Buyers to browse the Website according to criteria selected to improve the service. They can be used even without the Buyer’s consent. The Buyer can decide to deactivate browsing, analytical and functional cookies by changing their browser settings. If browsing cookies are deactivated, this may affect the smooth use of the Website. If analytical and/or functional cookies are deactivated, certain functions on the Website will not be available. The information gathered by third-party cookies and the relevant consent forms, are governed by the relevant
policies: links to these third-party policies, the consent forms and the procedure for deactivating this type of cookie can be found in the table in paragraph 5.
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